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Melekouni is the traditional soft, rhombus-shaped sesame seed candy of Rhodes.
It is found in all villages of the island, with a different style according to the local custom. At Filema Rodion we combine the special style of Lindos with the excellent organic raw materials.
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Excellent organic raw materials
Melekouni is an excellent natural source of energy for the body, thanks to its four ingredients. It is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements and digestible by its very nature, Melikouni is a small nutritious snack suitable for all hours.
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The particular style of Lindos
We pay particular attention to the selection and cleaning of the raw materials and mainly of sesame. The proper baking and the honey of excellent quality that we use, give to our Melekouni all those characteristics that differentiate it for its distinct aroma, its bright color and of course its natural chewing texture and unique flavor.
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It is also known as the ‘Sweet of Joy”
Melekouni, the traditional Rhodian treat that is found in events such as weddings and baptisms, has its roots in ancient Greece because, since that time, sesame and honey had a very important place in the daily diet due to their high nutritional value. The components of the word are "mele" derived from the word honey and "kouni" that derives from the word “kouna” which in the Rhodian local dialect is used to describe the seed, derived from the corresponding word "grains" of ancient Greek.
Excellent and
traditional quality